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We wish the most wonderful holidays to our customers...

We appreciate every one of you!  Enjoy the holiday season!

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LINCOLN...amazing movie and performances by Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Field and others.  Oscar worthy in so many ways.  Come see this one!

The long-awaited THE HOBBIT is here!   Please arrive early for the best seats..

About our digital conversion:

As you have probably heard, 35mm film will no longer be made...the studios have said they will phase film out by the end of next year. Small cinemas will have the hardest time coming up with the 80,000 or so PER SCREEN to upgrade which will only enable us to stay in business, not increase revenue.  Many small theaters are closing because of this issue.  I’ve already had a tough time getting film prints for Tupper Lake, and it’s only getting worse. Hopefully we can stay alive!

We have applied for a few grants to help us remain here, and expect to do the upgrade soon.  Hopefully we can get some help with this situation...we are committed to our small town and theater!!

Check our COMING SOON page for what is on the way...

Don’t forget Tuesday night is POPCORN regulars already know about it!


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